Welcome to the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club!  Located in southeast Orange County near Moss Park and Lake Nona, our facilities include 25 and 50 meter pistol ranges; 100 and 300 meter rifle ranges; shotgun and archery ranges; and 10 action range bays.  The 300 meter range has target pits with risers.  Use the links in the main menu to learn more About CFRPC.

Visiting the Range

General range use is for members and their guests only.  For membership information, click here.

Visitors are welcome during open functions such as scheduled classes, competitions and events.  If you plan to visit the range, please familiarize yourself with the Club Policies and Range Rules.

All visitors to the range must complete a Release Form.  For your convenience, you may complete and print the form to bring with you.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of your visit.

Any minors coming to the range must have a Minor Release and Parental Consent Form signed by their parent or legal guardian.  It cannot be signed by an uncle or cousin or other adult friend of the family; it must be signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  For convenience, the Minor Release and Parental Consent Form may be completed and printed for the minor to bring with to the Club, SO LONG AS IT IS PRINTED ON TWO SIDES OF THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER.  Please make sure the form is signed and dated on the day of the minor's visit.

2016-17 Extended Waiver for Non-Member Competitors Available

All non-member participants of matches at Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club must sign a liability waiver each year.  The 2016 CFRPC Competition Extented Liability Waiver can be downloaded HERE.  This is a .pdf form which can be filled in, printed, 3 hole punched, and brought to the range.  This will save you time and help us read your information.  Please note, by turning in this Liability Waiver, you will get a card at your next match that indicates CFRPC has a liability waiver on file for you.  You can show this card at any CFRPC match to avoid having to sign another waiver.  However, if you forget to bring the card with you, you will have to sign another release: NO EXCEPTIONS.  Show a card or sign a waiver.

Silent Auction for Glock Pistol Certificates

During December, there will be a silent auction for three (3) Glock Pistol Certificates.  This silent auction is open to members only.  Please log in to see the details.


Updated December 10 (Thursday) at 18:30.

The ranges will be open tomorrow (Friday, December 11).  The work to remove lead from the berms is complete.

We will be doing a series of follow-up activities over the next couple of weeks (like seeding the berms with grass) that may require closing individual ranges or bays for shorter periods, but we will attempt to avoid closing the entire property.

Mick Langfield


CFR&PC CLOSED 11/30 - 12/4

The Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club will be closed from Monday, November 30 through Friday, December 4 for lead removal.  We intend to open for the weekend of December 5 and 6, but may need to close again starting on Monday, December 6 to complete the work.

We have attempted to have the lead removed from our firing range berms about every five years.  The accumulated lead (you do shoot a lot of it!) poses an increasing risk of ricochets, and may present some environmental exposure.  (We manage the migration of lead from our property by monitoring and controlling the acidity of the ground, but removing excess lead can only help.)  This action is a component of our Environmental Plan, required by Florida statutes.

The work is dangerous (it exposes hazardous materials, i.e., lead) and would place the workers at risk if we were firing on the ranges (they climb on top of the berms).  The Executive Committee has made the decision that the work is important and urgent, and can only be performed safely by closing the property.

This message has been posted on the Club web site and on the web site calendar, and has been sent to every member for whom we have an email address.  We will use the web site (www.cfrpc.com) to update status as the work proceeds, and we will send another email if the work is delayed into the second week.

I hope you will all understand the need for this work and be tolerant and patient as we work through the disruption of your access to our facilities.

Mick Langfield

Lost & Found

We have recovered several items of lost property.  If you lost an item at the range, please e-mail Mick Langfield, or if you cannot reach him by e-mail, call him at 407-737-3678.